Transforming Leaders Into Master Relationship Builders

Motivational speaking and coaching with a focus on connection and authenticity.

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Hazem Helps You Conquer the Challenges of Leadership

Feeling overwhelmed by managing your workforce? It’s time to stop struggling and find a solution.

Building relationships with your team is crucial for success as a leader, yet it is not always easy. Managing different personalities, backgrounds, and perspectives effectively can be challenging. However, adjusting to the modern workforce can be done with the right tools and guidance. The key is to listen actively, be compassionate, and create a culture of open communication.

Hazem’s approach to speaking and coaching will help you:

Create Community Within Your Team
Implement a Customized Leadership Plan for Your Workforce
Empower your team to Create Solutions

Leadership with Connection and Authenticity

With Hazem as your guide, you’ll be empowered to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams. As a motivational speaker and coach, Hazem’s focus on connection and authenticity creates a powerful and transformative experience for his audience. With a background in public service and a passion for community, leadership, and team building, Hazem brings a unique perspective to his speaking engagements. He’ll help you develop magnetic attraction through this transformational work. His relatable and personal approach leaves attendees feeling inspired and motivated to take action toward their goals.

Create Community Within Your Team

With his extensive experience in the industry, Hazem has learned principles of effective leadership from some of the highest-ranking leaders in the US.

15 Years of Experience in the Federal Government
Hazem brings the insights learned from over a decade and a half of work with the Federal Government to his audience. Working with special forces personnel also contributed to his leadership style.
17 Months experience in Afghanistan
Hazem’s experiences in Afghanistan, where he helped execute the U.S. foreign policy mission, shaped him and taught him the importance of diversity, leadership and inclusiveness.


Become a Revolutionary Leader By Understanding Your Team.

Discover expert insights on effective leadership by booking a speaking session. Together, we will explore topics ranging from the 10 leadership traits to avoiding and mastering the art of building solid relationships with your team. You’ll learn how to create a magnetic attraction within your work environment that fosters a sense of belonging among your workforce for maximum productivity and success.


Achieve Your Ultimate Leadership Potential.

As a coach, Hazem offers personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Whether you’re looking to improve your leadership skills, enhance your career, create a magnetic attraction, or simply gain more clarity and direction in your life, Hazem is here to help you succeed.

About Hazem The Coach

Transforming Leaders Into Master Relationship Builders

With a background in public service and a passion for diversity, leadership, and social justice, Hazem is a speaker and coach who has inspired many to achieve their full potential. He graduated from the University of Maryland and has worked as a contractor with various agencies, building relationships with foreign partners and promoting inclusiveness and diversity.

Why Work With Hazem

Leadership with Connection and Authenticity

Personalized Approach

You’ll get 1-on-1 coaching sessions to get to know you, your strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style. This way, we’ll identify areas for improvement and develop a personalized growth plan.

Transformational Results

By becoming aware of your current behavior and habits, you can achieve remarkable results through transformation, add velocity to your goals, and tap into your unique power. You’ll gain a new perspective on a leadership approach and see the world differently.

Safe Space for Vulnerability

As someone who prioritizes community and family, Hazem brings a unique perspective to the coaching conversations. He encourages leaders to lead with authenticity and creates a safe space to connect.

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